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Last update: 07-02-2024

The transport network continues to suffer from delays due to the blockages of highways and access roads in Belgium, France and the Belgium-Netherlands border area.

Shipments to Belgium, France, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain may therefore take longer to arrive and may be delivered delayed.

Update: 24-02-2023

Change International shipping costs:

PostNL has significantly increased its international shipping rates.
Especially packages above 10 kg have become much more expensive.
That is why we now also ship via DHL to most countries.
In addition, in the order process you will be given a shipping choice between: 10 kg, 20 kg and 30 kg.
This does NOT apply to Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


Update: 12-06-2021

Chaos and unrest on the world market:

There are often shortages of raw materials worldwide and often long delivery times. In combination with order peaks, it is difficult to keep all raw materials in stock at all times.

It is possible that certain raw materials are sometimes not available or have a longer delivery time than normal.

Foreign orderers pay attention: For transport to other countries, packages can sometimes be delayed for 1 to 3 weeks.


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