About us

Welcome to SoapQueen, the online shop for retail and wholesale in raw materials.

We supply basic products but the variety of the use of our products is huge!
A selection of our customers’ recipes show that with a dose of creativity, you can introduce a great product on the market.
This can either be a personally designed candle, shampoo, conditioner or soap.

With The Online Soap Shop, our unique web shop, we supply among others raw materials for soap, cosmetics, candles, aroma- and health products.
We are convinced that you can create a beautiful and unique end product.
A product made with our raw materials that you can offer exclusively.

Besides The Netherlands and Belgium, we also supply internationally.
From beauty companies in Scandinavia to soap manufacturers in Southern Europe.

We can offer a great price/quality ratio because we buy directly from the manufacturers and mainly in bulk. Which is the reason why you never overpay. As a production company we attach great value to sustainable business practices, we offer 100% freshness guarantee and constant quality checks. That’s why we are true experts in our field.

Let our assortment inspire you!


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Enjoy business benefits and up to 20% extra discount on top of volume discounts.

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Earn commission on new orders as order credit or have your credit paid out.

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Our Loyal Business customers can advertise freely on The Online Soap Shop!

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Ask here for the possibilities to add new raw materials to our assortment.

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