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‘The customers of SoapQueen can place their recipes here”

We are proud of our customers’ creativity since they can create everything with the help of SoapQueen’s basic products and really surprise us with their ingenuity. We like to share this creativity with you. A selection of the costumers’ recipes show that the possibilities of making soap are endless. All recipes are explained step by step, so you can start making your own products easy and simple.

Send your recipe and get a discount of € 7,50 on your order.

Send us your great and most creative recipes and if you like with pictures too we will put these on our website. The recipes will be signed with your “Chef Soap name”. Putting recipes anonymously is possible, of course.
(You can also advertise by a special weblink).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Multiple entries possible for one customer. 
  • We give € 7,50 discount for every recipe that is put on the website.
  • You can use one discount of 7,50 per order.
  • We only reward useful recipes.
  • SoapQueen decides which recipes can be put on the website
  • Complaints only can be made by mailing us.

Recipes of customers:


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